Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page of the Arizona Student Film Festival website. We will be updating this page as we get questions. Please read through the FAQ. If you still do not see an answer to your question, feel free to email submissions@phxfilm.com and put AZSFF Question in the subject line.

1. Can I submit more than one entry?

Yes. You may. In fact, if your entries truly excel, you may have more than one film as a finalist and therefore have more than one film screen at the film festival! However, you will only get 2 filmmaker passes total regardless of the number of films that are shown.

2. I want to submit more than one film. Can I just do one submission?

Nope. One film per submission and entry fee.

3. I made this film last school year when I was in 8th grade but now I’m in High School. Where do I submit it?

Entries should be submitted in the category when they were made. Therefore, you submit it in the grade school shorts.

4. I made this film last school year when I was in 8th grade but now I’m in High School and I just did some edits and stuff to it. Where do I submit it?

Since the last modifications to the film were done when you were in High School, you would submit this in the High School category.

5. I’m in college. Can’t I enter in the AZSFF?

College submissions would be entered through the Phoenix Film Festival. Learn about entering PFF by clicking here.

6. I read the rules and it said that the films couldn't have any adult content or language. Isn't that censorship?

Nope. It’s not. We know that filmmaking can be a very adult medium, but this is a competition for grade-schoolers and high-schoolers. We are not saying what to or not to make. We are saying that in this competition, keep it creative, interesting and suitable for everyone.

7. What about one swear word or like there’s this monster and he slashes….

Here’s what we will say: you have read the rules, you know your film so you know if it is appropriate to submit. We can’t make that judgement for you.

8. My movie is 9 minutes and 32 seconds. Is that ok?

No. Please cut 1 minute and 32 seconds out of your film.

9. My film is 5 seconds long. Is that ok.

Yes. Although, it better be a pretty amazing 5 seconds….

10. Can I put popular music in my film?

You must have the rights to everything in your film. That means any clips we see on the television and music we hear. Therefore, you are better off composing your own music or having a friend do it for you. Music clearances are hard to come by and usually expensive.

11. My friend and I really did this together. Can we enter with both of us?

Sorry, you can not. You will have to sit down and decide who will enter it. There is a place in the entry to put credits for additional people who were instrumental in the creation of the film.

12. I did the music on a film. Can I submit it under my name?

No. Only the student PRIMARILY responsible for the film (usually the director, but not always) can submit. Teachers who oversee projects may not submit under their name.

13. I have another question, but it’s long. Can I ask you?

Sure. Ask away. Send an email to submissions@phxfilm.com


We will be adding more questions as we get them!