Congratulations to Holly Milosevich from Arizona Virtual Academy. Holly's film Lucky Pin was chosen as the Grand Prize winner  of the 2015 Arizona Student Film Festival. Holly not only took home a cool trophy, but she also receives a $1,000 scholarship to the school of her choice from the Phoenix Film Foundation. But Holly wasn't the only big winner. We had an awesome screening at the Harkins 101 on Saturday, March 28 as part of the Phoenix Film Festival where all 20 selected films were shown. Prizes were given out for the top 3 films in each category -- grade school and high school. Here is a list of our winners:


2015 AZ Student Film Festival High School Division

1st Place

Holly Milosevich from Arizona Virtual Academy

Lucky Pin

After finding a pin on the ground, a young woman uses it to track her daughter's life in photographs, also tracking the love and tragedy that follows it.


2nd Place

Nina Nandin from Metropolitan Arts Institute


A poetic, aquatic nightmare.


3rd Place

Daniela Mock-Zubia from Metropolitan Arts Institute

Ruth Daemon

Don't look now.


2015 AZ Student Film Festival Grade School/Middle School Division


1st Place

Alyssa Bartlett from Wigwam Creek Middle School

Herbert the Killer Kitten

Two boys, Billy and Freddie, must save New York from a giant kitten created by radioactive cat litter.


2nd Place

Isaiahs Rivera from Wigwam Creek Middle School

The Candy Dealer

Candy has been outlawed from Wigwam Creek Middle School.  So a student takes it upon himself to ensure that students can still get candy but at a price. Other students are trying to track down the candy dealer.  Will they be successful or will inside help interfere?


3rd Place

Sarah Jordan from Wigwam Creek Middle School

The Attack of Scorpazilla

With the help of his assistant, the evil scientist Dr. Poor creates a monster named Scorpazilla. With Scorpazilla on the loose, no one is safe! Can scientist Marie Curie and Super Nuke defeat Scorpazilla before the city is ruined?


The complete list of finalists can be found here. Thank you to all of our talented student filmmakers! And while the 2015 Arizona Student Film Festival is in the books, the 2016 competition is just around the corner. Stay tuned for submissions to open for next year's festival!