There are now 2 ways to enter your film into the Arizona Student Film Festival.

Previously, all submissions had to be sent in to the Festival office on a standard DVD. We understand that sometimes authoring the film to a DVD is the hardest part about shooting a film!

So starting this year, we will be accepting submissions via a DVD copy OR via a password protected Vimeo link.

Why Vimeo? Why password protected?

Vimeo has been widely used in the film community for its excellent video quality and ease of use. It really caters to the filmmaker (of which you are one!)

We also wanted to be cautious of underage filmmakers putting their work on the internet -- especially if using underage talent in the film. By password protecting your film, you ensure only the people you give the password to will see your film. It's step one in protecting your work online.

We hope these changes will make it easier for you to enter the AZSFF. Thank you for your submissions!